Software Design Solutions interview on Tech Vibe Radio

Software Design Solutions founder Ed Kuzemchak was recently interviewed on Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Tech Vibe Radio program.  The program covered the fast growing Internet of Things market and SDS’s recent acquisition by Applied Visions.

Listen to the interview here: 


Espressif Systems ESP8266 – a low cost WiFi chipset supporting MicroPython and Lua

Espressif Systems offers the ESP8266, a low cost WiFi chipset with a full TCP/IP stack and sufficient CPU and RAM to run applications on the same chipset.

Development SDKs for the ESP8266 include a tailored Aruduino IDE, a MicroPython implementation and NodeMCU, an implementation of the popular low overhead Lua environment.

Low cost development boards with the ESP8266 are available from Adafruit and Seeed Studio.