Join me at Iot Summit Chicago Oct 18-19 2017

Join me at IoT Summit Chicago on Oct 18-19, 2017.   I’ll be participating in the Industrial IoT panel discussion, and attending sessions on IoT security, blockchain, and low power networking.



Author: Ed Kuzemchak

Ed Kuzemchak is the Chief Technology Officer and Director of IoT and Embedded Systems Engineering at Software Design Solutions, an Applied Visions company. Prior to founding SDS in 2003, Ed gained his experience as chief software architect for the digital signal processing (DSP) tools group at Texas Instruments, as a member of the Tartan Laboratories highly optimizing compiler team, and as the lead for a compiler team at Raytheon. Ed holds an MS in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh and is the author several patents on embedded systems software. His Erdos number is 5.